The Secret To Writing A Successful And Outstanding Blog


Now, I do read a few blogs on blogging. Not every week, but fairly consistently.

There is one blog that has been on my radar for a while. Simply because all the big guys always give it their thumbs up. I have always found a wealth of content there. But it never really got on my list of places I would automatically check out.

It’s the color purple. The theme makes it feel like an astrology site, or a women’s problem site. There is something about the color and first impression that signals to me that I am wasting my time.

But every time I go there I read pages and pages of articles. This website talks to its readers in a way that pulls them in. And it also does this to me. Even if I have a hang up with my own personal perceptions of this purple theme.

Which blog is this?

The other day I came across the author’s blog. For some reason I never landed there before.

It was only then that I got over the purple thing and became voracious. The Liz Strauss blog is not purple. It proves she really knows what she is doing online.

So I immediately got her e-book and thoroughly enjoyed reading during my break out in the sun today.

Liz Strauss knows how to create a community on a blog.

This is something difficult to teach others to do on their own blogs. After reading Liz’s e-book it became apparent to me that creating a blog community is a little like learning cross-cultural communication.

  • You need to jump in and learn to do it.
  • Detailed how-to instructions do not work.
  • The important part is in your own mindset.

If you get the right mindset you will teach yourself effective cross-cultural communication.

This book does an excellent job at putting you in the right mindset for creating a successful blog. I think it is an excellent read for beginner bloggers and also for bloggers feeling challenged.

Read this book and you will float back out to the right mindset you need to create a great community on your blog.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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Cindy King