The Magic Of Pre-Writing


I stumbled upon a writer’s website the other day. Someone recommended Steven Osborne’s article on

  • Speedwriting For The Rest Of Us.

My note taking has become a bit messy lately. Steven’s article on speedwriting hooked me into his website.

This is a place for people who write. And Steven writes well. He has 3 e-books for aspiring writers, very reasonably priced, at $7. During my break today, I decided to read his book:

  • The Magic Of Pre-Writing

Now first let me say, I do use pre-writing templates, often, but not systematically. A glimpse at his template got me intrigued. He knew more about using pre-writing templates than I did.

I enjoyed reading this book. A quick and easy read. I finished my break with a much deeper understanding of using pre-writing templates.

Steven does an excellent job at describing and teaching you how to use a template before you begin writing. He takes you through each step with detailed how-to information. You will never get writers block again if you follow his template. Everything is there.

The result is:

  • Your writing project writes itself.

As you go through the different steps in filling out your template you write an effective outline for your project. And it is even a step or two beyond an outline. All you really need is a few transition sentences to pull your project together in a final draft.

Steven breaks down all non-fiction writing projects into 4 different basic categories. He then takes you through each of the four categories in detail with an example.

I highly recommend this little 43 page e-book to anyone who wants to write non-fiction effortlessly, and wants to know how to use a template for great writing.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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Cindy King