December 20, 2018


Finding and keeping the supporters by simply streaming before Spotify plays, the value of a follower in the digital world was equivalent to the cost of selling a song on iTunes. Hardly the same person would buy the same subject twice in digital form. With loading, the gain is generated each time a track is played, which makes the significance of a tracker more difficult to quantify.

As Will Hope, Director of Record Relations intended for Spotify recently explained:

Now, a follower is someone who can listen to something several times over a long period of time, and the economic value of each of them can be variable. It is a long-term scenario. It is certainly not reduced to small units in short periods of time. It is something that happens slowly, but its impact can be much greater.

So, the question is no longer how to make somebody consume your music once in Spotify, but how to encourage listening, hooking and be a diffuser of the music. This can help you achieve greater revenue in the long run and reach a wider audience.

The Playlist:

In Spotify, the playlist is King or perhaps the creator of Kings! Because the publishing space becomes more and more focused on the tastes and preferences of each user and their hearing habits, the playlists serve as the greatest device to get discovering and saving new music. Ultimately, being included in a playlist can generate a snowball that leads to inclusion in others, generating more eavesdropping and their corresponding gains. Listed below are the tips to improve your chances of entering a playlist:

Verify your Spotify account:

A verified account gives you a better aesthetic picture, the possibility of creating a “promoted” playlist with images and descriptions and makes that easier to manage the discography. You will also receive the blue “tick” announcing to the world that is an official account of the musician. This will help your platform lovers feel even more committed to you and your work.

Remember that you must create a common Spotify consumer account as a first step. This kind of bank account and your customer profile will probably be unified when verification is usually complete.

Spread the word:

It is crucial that you actively promote your music. Do not expect people to simply meet your music. You can easily achieve it if you buy Spotify plays.

If you are used to sharing links from Bandcamp, remember that with them you do not have many chances to earn income. First of all of them, shared your Spotify link in social networks. It seems apparent, but it is important to share the links to the music by Facebook, Twitter and all websites which you count (yes, even in the description of Instagram).

Finally, your followers will be automatically informed whenever new music is added to your artisan account. That’s why, the more fans you have, the better! We followed this kind of Spotify guide to get the most out of the ‘Follow’ switch.


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