Four Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges To Come In 2009


There are 4 Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges in 2009. Each of these 4 different monthly challenges covers a different topic to improve your cross-cultural communication throughout the year.

  • One month of daily tips to help you improve the cross-cultural communication skills you need to get more international clients.
  • One theme each month to dig deep and improve your skills.

Improve you cross-cultural communication skills

• Read one short tip each day

• Think about what this means to you

• Reflect on how this can help you get more international clients

The monthly challenges are based on the weekly Cindy’s Tips.  These are short cross-cultural tips for people interested in developing an international business.  They are sent out every 3 days or so.  The tips cover all aspects of cross-cultural communication and there are also other tips to help improve international skills.

4 Challenges = 4 Themes In 2009

There are 4 challenges this year.  Each monthly challenge will have a different theme.   Each day you get one short tip to help you improve your cross-cultural communication according to the monthly theme.

Monthly Cross Cultural Communication Challenge themes:

  • March = Mindset
  • June = Clarity
  • September = Trust
  • December = Personal Development

Cross Cultural Communication Challenges

Here are the monthly challenges with links to the tips that have already been published:

Take The Challenge
Step 1 – Get your cross-cultural communication tips:
  • Here on this blog
  • By following me on Twitter @CindyKing

Step 2 – Use the short tip:

  • To start thinking about it in general
  • Look at the suggested reading links with each tip
  • See how this applies to your cross-cultural communication skills

Step 3 – Then leave a comment to let us know how:

  • You use these tips as inspiration
  • This applies to your business
  • It could help communication with your international clients

Follow the Cross Cultural Communication Challenge every day and your cross-cultural communication skills will be much stronger by the end of the month.  Use your cross-cultural communication skills to develop your international business.

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