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@cindykingHello! Chances are you landed here through Twitter. My favorite tweet topics are anything related to, or leading to, cross-cultural competence, cross-cultural marketing, international sales, international business, international networking and international social media.

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Cindy King recommends Cross-Cultural & International People On TwitterAre you looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter to help you develop your cross-cultural and international skills for international business?

The people below share both their knowledge and skills in their tweets. They are also often great social networkers. I find their tweets inspiring and hope they also open your horizons, help you to develop your cultural skills and discover international business opportunities.

Before looking at the people I recommend below, be sure to connect with me too! Read More About @CindyKing On Twitter and also on About Cindy. Here is the short version…

Cross-Cultural Marketer & International Sales Strategist

Cindy King @CindyKing – based in France, I help businesses adapt to new environments.
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Follow my Twitter Lists to get the Twitter feeds of the people below. Remember, I recommend you follow these people (and my Twitter feed too!) to develop your cross-cultural and international business skills. You’ll probably notice there are also a few other people on my Twitter Lists than in the list below. These are a few new acquaintances who will probably be added to this main list below once I get to know them a bit more.

Business Profiles

Donagh Kiernan @dkiernan – in Ireland, Donagh Kiernan, helps tech companies partner into international markets and is active in the Irish software industry.
Blog: Maidsfield BlogTwitter Interview
Steve Finikiotis @finikiotis – in USA, Steve Finikiotis, a marketer with extensive international business experience.
Blog: Touch Points
globalEDGE @globalEDGEblog – in USA, a lively disscussion of topics in international business and global trade.
Blog: globalEDGE International Business BlogglobalEDGE on Facebook
Christian Höferle @HoeferleConsult – in USA with strong connection to Germany, Christian Höferle has tons of interesting tweets on cultural topics and German business.
Blog: Southeast SchnitzelChristian Hoeferle on Facebook Twitter Interview.
Ryan Shen Hoover @InvestInAfrica – Africa, Ryan Shen Hoover’s information on Africa is both useful for businesses interested in Africa and often very interesting to read for others
Blog: Investing In Africa
@jackyan – New Zealand, Jack Yan has several business activities and a strong cross-cultural background.
Blog: Jack YanJack Yan on FacebookJack Yan on LinkedIn Twitter Interview
Laurel Delaney @LaurelDelaney – In USA, Laurel Delaney helps small businesses go global
Blog: The Global Small Business BlogLaurel Delaney on FacebookLaurel Delaney on FacebookLaurel Delaney on LinkedIn
@steveroesler – in USA, Steve Roesler is an international management consultant teaching people practical ways to become extraordinary.
Blog: All Things Workplace - Twitter Interview
Klaus Westerwelle @TransDomo – in USA with a strong connection to Germany, Klaus Westerwelle is an international business consultant with lots of interesting tweets.
Blog: American German Business BlogTwitter Interview

Cross-Cultural Profiles

Amadou M. Sall @amsall – in Senegal, Amadou M. Sall is truly a cross-cultural connector and great person to follow online.
Blog: Translator PowerAmadou M. Sall on FacebookAmadou M. Sall on LinkedIn
Prof.C. Beniers @beniers – in Holland, Prof.C. Beniers shares lots of information on cross-cultural communication online.
BlendImages @BlendImages – in USA, Blend Images multiethnic commercial stock agency with interesting ethnic marketing tweets.
Cate Brubaker @CateBrubaker – in USA, Cate shares her strong intercultural expertise in her tweets.
Blog: Culturally TeachingCate Brubaker on FacebookCate Brubaker on LinkedIn
Yang-May Ooi @fusionview – in England, Yang-May Ooi just co-authored a very interesting book with Silvia Cambie @XCulture on cross-cultural communication.
Blog: Fusion View
@joekutchera – in USA, Joe Kutchera is a Gringo Latino connecting the Spanish and English-language Internets.
Blog: Dot GlobalJoe Kutchera On FacebookJoe Kutchera On LinkedIn
Marion Chapsal @MarionChapsal – in France, Marion Chapsal is a vivacious French lady with strong intercultural communication expertise
Blog: GeronimoMarion Chapsal on LinkedIn
mixedchickschat @mixedchickschat – in USA, the only live, weekly show about being racially and culturally mixed.
Podcasts: Mixed Chicks Chat
Carmen Van Kerckhove @newdemographic – in USA, Carmen Van Kerckhove blogs on race and diversity.
Blog: RacialiciousCarmen Van Kerckhove On Facebook
pocketcultures @pocketcultures – a group blog on culture.
Blog: Pocket Culures
Rana Sinha @RanaSinha – in Finland, Rana Sinha is a consultant in Cross-Cultural Interaction, Human Resource Development and Management
Blog: Original Wavelength
@wisequeen – in Italy & Switzerland, Donna Jackson, is a tech blogger and entrepreneur
Blog: WisequeenTwitter Interview
@YleesHarvester – in Germany, Daniel Janssen tweets lots of interesting stuff about Africa
@XCulture – in England, Silvia Cambie has a unique cross-cultural background.
Blog: Chanda CommunicationsSilvia Cambie on Facebook- Silvia Cambie on LinkedInTwitter Interview

Cross-Cultural & Intercultural Speakers & Trainers

@cultureguru – in USA, Deanna Shoss provides diversity coaching and training, multicultural marketing.
Blog: Intercultural Talk
Peter Fordos @culturalworld – in USA, Peter Fordos is a cross-cultural trainer. Helping individuals and organizations to succeed around the world.
Peter Fordos on LinkedIn
Neil Urquhart @CultureMatters – in England, Neil Urquhart is a very experienced cross-cultural communication trainer.
Website: Clear TranstionTwitter Interview
@DeborahSwallow – in England, Deborah Swallow is an intercultural communications speaker.
Blog: Deborah SwallowTwitter Interview
globalcoach @globalcoach – in Russia, Margarita Gokun Silver is an expatriate and cross-cultural coach.
Blog: Global Coach Center

Education Professionals

Bettina Hansel @bghansel – in USA, Bettina Hansel, a one woman intercultural education and program assessment team.
Blog: Bettina Hansel -
@DR4WARD – in USA, William J. Ward, teaches marketing at Ferris State University.
Blog: Dr4wardTwitter Interview
@DavidComp – in USA, David Comp is a great resource for international education.
Blog: International Higher Education ConsultingIHEC on FacebookDavid Comp on LinkedIn
Larry Ferlazzo @Larryferlazzo – USA, Larry Ferlazzo, an inner-city high school teacher has a fascinating blog that grows minds and luckily for us, he is now tweeting.
Blog: Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
@LCWllc – in USA, LCW is an intercultural consulting firm with lots of interesting tweets.
Louis Columbus @LouisColumbus – in USA, Louis Columbus teaches graduate course on international business.
Charmayne Paul @psitutor – in Australia, Charmayne Paul, online tutor with many international students.
Website: PSI Tutor – Char Paul on Facebook

Expat Professionals

Megan Fitzgerald @ExpatCoachMegan – in Italy, Megan Fitzgerald helps fellow expats to use their personal brand on and offline.
Blog: Career By ChoiceFacebook
@MissExpatria – in France & Italy, Christine Cantera is interested in meeting expats from all over the world.
Blog: Miss Expatria
@Ronna – in Germany, Ronna Porter, has a strong international profile and has researched expat communities as a market and business opportunity.
Ronna Porter on FacebookRonna Porter on LinkedIn

Language Professionals

Chris Cotter @AAATranslation – in USA & Germany, Susanne Evens has lived in the US for over 17 years.
Blog: AAA Translation Inc
Chris Cotter @CotterHUE – in Japan, Chris Cotter is an English language teacher with strong cross-cultural expertise who shares lots of interesting stuff online.
Website: Heads Up EnglishChris Cotter on LinkedInTwitter Interview
@germanheit – in Germany, Babsi blogs and tweets to make it fun for others learn German.
Blog: German HeitGermanheit with Babsi on Facebook
@matthewbennett – in Spain, Matthew keeps a list of over 150 linguists on Twitter on his blog.
Bilingual Blog: Matthew Bennett in English – FacebookTwitter Interview
Brett Fyfield @rainbowhill – in Australia, Brett Fyfield blogs about Japanese language and culture.
Blog: Rainbowhill Language Lab – Brett Fyfield on Facebook
@rliberni – in England, Berni Wall has lots of interesting tweets.
Website: RLI Language Services

Law Experts

Clarinette @clarinette02 – in England, Clarinette is an IP & IT Lawyer… tweets in both English & French.
Blog: Clarinette’s BlogLinkedIn
EILBlog @EILBlog – in USA, Joshua Lenon tweets and blogs about how international law impacts us everyday.
Blog: Everyday International Law
foolkitlegal @foolkitlegal – in Australia, Nick Ramage provides legal resources and news from an Australian perspective.
Website: Foolkit
importerhelp @importerhelp – in USA, Mark Lehnardt tweets about current antidumping & countervailing duty information for U.S. importers & foreign exporters.
Website: Importer Help
Martha Harrison @intltradelawyer – in Canada, Martha Harrison tweets about international trade and regulatory law from a Canadian perspective.
International Trade Law News @tradelawnews – in USA, Doug Jacobson tweets about news on export controls, customs, FCPA, antidumping law and other international trade issues.
Blog: International Trade Law News
John Boscariol @tradelawyer – in Canada, John Boscariol is an international trade lawyer who tweets about international business, sometimes from a Canadian perspective.
WorldTradeLaw @WorldTradeLaw – in USA, for a stream of trade news headlines.
Website: World Trade Law

Localization Professionals

@beverlycornell – USA, Beverly Cornell works inside the localization industry and also runs an international business blog.
Blog: Global Business PerspectivesBeverly Cornell on LinkedIn
@GabeRodino – USA, Gabe Rodino does lots of things, but he always has interesting tweets about different cultures. <
Blog: Lingua Solutions – Lingual Solutions on Facebook

Marketers & Advertising Professionals

William Shepherd @brandoneculture – in USA, William Shepherd works for a multicultural brand consultancy and has interesting conversations on business and different cultures.
Elliot Polak @CultureShocks – in England, Elliot Polak is the founder of Textappeal and shares insights on Culture Shocks in global media and marketing.
Blog: Text Appeal
@DoreenatDMS – in Canada, Doreena Iannuzzi, tweets and blogs about cultural diversity.
Blog: The New MainstreamTwitter Interview
@edwardcates – in USA, a marketer vested in diversity.
Blog: Nuances of MarketingEdward Cates on FacebookEdward Cates on LinkedIn
Juan Tornoe @JuanTornoe – in USA, Latino ethnic marketer.
Blog: Hispanic Trending
@Kissmyblackads – in USA, Craig Brimm, a multicultural blogger.
Blog: Kiss My Black Ads
@ohh_la_la – in England, Caroline Newton runs a cheeky strategic marketing agency and has lots of interesting & fun tweets.
PamojaMedia @PamojaMedia – a group blog on marketing to an African online audience globally.
Pamela Taylor @PinkPearl84 – in USA, Pamela Taylor, creating opportunities for companies reaching multicultural markets.

Social Media Networkers

Sylvain Guéguen @akostic – in France, Sylvain Guéguen tweets about social media, usually in French, but he does speak English
French blog: AkosticAkostic on FacebookSylvain Guéguen on Viadeo
Dragos Roua @dragosroua – in Romania, Dragos Roua is a great personal development blogger.
Blog: Dragos Roua – Brillantly BetterDragos Roua on FacebookDragos Roua on LinkedIn
@lyceum – in Sweden, Martin Lindeskog, active on Twitter and interested in cross-cultural communication
Blog: EgoMartin Lindeskog on FacebookMartin Lindeskog on LinkedIn
@NicoleSimon – in Germany, European social media maven
Blog: Cruel to Be Kind
Rajeev Edmonds @mintblogger – India, Rajeev Edmonds, a favorite pro blogger and social media enthusiast I often hang out with
Blog: Mint BloggerRajeev Edmonds on FacebookRajeev Edmonds on LinkedIn
Shane Gibson @shanegibson – Canada, Shane Gibson follows social media trends in different regions of the world
Blog: Closing Bigger – Shane Gibson on Facebook – Shane Gibson on LinkedIn
@tdebaillon – in France, Thierry de Baillon tweets in both French & English
Bilingual blog: Sonnez En Cas D’AbsenceThierry de Baillon on FacebookThierry de Baillon on LinkedIn
@wchingya – Malaysia, Ching Ya, great blogger & social media enthusiast.
Blog: Social @ Blogging TrackerSocial @ Blogging Tracker on FacebookChing Ya on LinkedIn

Trade Experts

Asiabizblog @Asiabizblog – in USA, Rich Kuslan has lots of interesting tweets on China business and law.
Blog: Asia Biz BlogRich Kuslan on LinkedIn
ChinaBlogTweets @ChinaBlogTweets – in England, China Business Blog tweets about Chinese business news.
Blog: China Business ServicesJeremy Gordon on LinkedIn
James Clark @clar_key – in England, James Clark tweets about international trade. He’s a freight & logistics sales professional, strategic marketer and PR person.
ecipe @ecipe – in Belgium, for tweets from the European Centre For International Political Economy.
Website: European Centre For International Political Econom
Jonathan Lynn @jonathanlynn – in Switzerland, Jonathan Lynn tweets about trade and other international stuff.
@LanceScoular – in Australia, often tweets about export.
Website: Lance ScoularLance Scoular on Facebook – a title=”Lance Scoular on LinkedIn” href=””>Lance Scoular on LinkedIn
Manufacturing Crunch @MfgCrunch – in USA, Manufacturing Crunch is a global online manufacturing community.
Blog: Manufacturing Crunch
@SedonaCyberLink – in USA, Jane Ginn provides lots of updates on Global Business, Fair Trade, Emerging Market Development Policy and Environmental Sustainability.
Blog: Sedona Cyber Link

Travellers & Travel Experts

Chris Guillebeau @chrisguillebeau – in USA, Chris Guillebeau tweets & blogs about his travel adventures.
Blog: The Art of Non-Conformity
Rossitza Ohridska @culturalrealms – in USA & Europe, Rossitza Ohridska is a macro-strategist on cultural tourism.
Blog: Cultural Realms – Rossitza on Facebook – Rossitza on LinkedIn
Dat Nguyen @Culture4travel – in USA, Dat Nguyen shares a lot about Asian culture and customs. .
Website: Culture 4 Travel
A Family On Bikes @familyonbikes – Between North & South Poles, a family biking from Alaska to Argentina.
Blog: A Family On Bikes
@FreePursuits – in USA, Corbett Barr tweets & blogs about lifestyle design and the future of work, entrepreneurship, digital nomads and location independence.
Blog: Free Pursuits
Benny Lewis @irishpolyglot – in Ireland?, Benny Lewis is a full-time globe trotter and tweets in 7 languages.
Blog: Fluent in 3 MonthsFluent in 3 Months on Facebook
Steven Weathers @sdweathers – in China, Steven Weathers produces videos on Chinese culture, travel, and everyday life.
YouTube Channel: Foreigner Perspective
Tim Ferris @tferriss – in USA, Tim Ferris author of The 4-Hour Workweek also tweets and blogs about his travels.
Blog: The Four Hour Work Week
Andreas @Travelwriticus – in Austria, Andreas Susana writes about his trips, castles, museums, exhibitions, historic places, trains… and Austria.
Blog: Travel Writer

Fun & Interesting People Around The World

Alina Popescu @alina_popescu – in Romania, Alina Popescu is crazy about blogging, PR, marketing and photography
Blog: Words Of A Broken MirrorAlina Popescu on LinkedIn
Brice Royer @BriceRoyer – in Canada, Brice Royer is the founder of non-profit TCKID, a place to go to learn more about Third Culture Kids
Blog: Brice Royer – Brice Royer on Facebook
Christina Rogge @ChristinaRogge - in Taiwan, Christina Rogge is a German affiliated with Asia exploring marketing in Web 2.0
Blog: Christina RoggeChristina Rogge on LinkenIn
@deanmeistr – in USA, Dean Meyers is a visual problem-solver interested in cross-cultural communication
Blog: Mode 2 DesignDean Meyers on LinkedIn
Diane Levin @dianelevin – in USA, Diane Levin is a mediator with a legal and social science background who often tweets about cultural diversity.
Blog: Mediation Channel
Ernie Schell @ernieschell – in USA, Ernie Schell has an interest in international views and has a very interesting Twitter feed.
Website: Shell
@EllenNaylor – in USA, has a multicultural background has a passion for competitive intelligence.
Blog: Corporate IntelligenceEllen Naylor on LinkedIn
@finolaprescott – in Barbados, Finola Prescott blogs on a wide variety of subjects including things of international interest and West Indian recipes.
Blog: Sun Rain Or
@fred2baro – in France, Frédérick 2 Baro provides a glimpse of the French definition of “culture”
French blog: Blogture
Daniel Sanghoon Lee @gedankenreiter – in Germany, Daniel Sanghoon Lee tweets in English & German and often about things of cross-cultural interest
Gianluigi Cuccureddu @glcuccureddu – in the Netherlands, Gianluigi Cuccureddu always has interesting conversation
@Hanimeli – in Norway, Kari M has travelled widely and shares her cultural insights on Twitter.
@Inga_Ros – in Iceland, Inga Rós has lots of interesting cultural insights.
Becky DeStigter @intlentreprenr – in USA, Becky DeStigter is an international business consultant & language junkie.
Blog: The International Entrepreneur
Pieter Jansegers @jansegers – in Belgium, Pieter Jansegers is a very friendly French teacher with many interests
Ning: French Teachers in the 21st Century
@jescarter – in USA, Jessica Faye Carter writes on cultural and gender diversity.
Blog: TechnicultrTechnicultr On FacebookJessica Faye Carter On LinkedIn
@kadavids – in USA, Kim Davidson is a mixed chick with a strong interest in Germany, the Caribbean & South America.
Kim Davidson on LinkedIn
Linnet Woods @linnetwoods – Linnet Woods is on a boat in the Mediterranean and has a very diverse background
Seshu @PicSeshu – in USA, a photographer of multicultural weddings
Blog: Saffron
@refsmith – in USA, Brian Smith is a customs analyst who offers some good insights for international trade
@ruxandraale – in Austria, Ruxandra Alexandru, most helpful twitter from Romania now living in Austria
@SCGLPRNetwork – in USA, connects attorneys/legal experts with journalists – some very interesting tweets on international topics
@SharonL213 – USA, Sharon Lewis is a fun person who loves cross-cultural topics too
Sean Oliver @SeanJamesOliver – USA, Sean Oliver is a Project Manager for an intercultural training, consulting, and translation company with lots of tweets on cross-cultural topics
@siyab – Pakistan, Muhammad Siyab, favorite blogger and kind friend in Pakistan
@Thandelike – in Turkey, Anastasia M. Ashman is a Turkophile and global citizen.
Blog: Anastasia Ashman
@Tosk59 – USA, Tosk59 tweets about interesting things from all over the world

Other Groups Of Interest

Global Business Women Ning group @gbw – the Global Business Women Ning group
Xing: Global Business Women Network
Global Voices @globalvoices – Global Voices is a community of more than 200 bloggers around the world.
Blog: Global Voices
World Hum @worldhum – Tweets by World Hum‘s editors, @jimbenning, @myessis, @evaholland and @vmconners. This travel blog often has articles with very interesting cultural insights.

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Cindy King

  • Michael E. Cantone

    Hi Cindy,
    I am a future entrepreneur or marketer, writer but obviously confused a bit. I am Baby Boomer who worked as an electronic technician for 2/3 of my life and a computer nerd throughout my career who always wanted to write.

    It is interesting that you do what you do.

    Here is the dilemma and question.

    I have an interest in a product that is made in Sweden that serves my personal needs as far as getting exercise while at the same time would be useful to others like me to go places without an auto or an electric scooter.

    What is it?

    It is an Armbike.

    My feeling like I say is personal but it will have huge growth in the USA and around the world.

    Who is the market for?

    There are 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 50 every day.

    What is the dilemma?

    The companies web page is a dead end.

    Please let me know what you think.

    • Cindy

      Hello Michael,

      You appear to be stuck in a very common place.

      You need to get in contact with this company. This means research. Just keep asking questions. You need to identify the right questions and look for the right person to approach.

      Stuck? Think some more. What would you do if this was a company in your own country? Who would you contact?

      You will probably need to pick up the phone… or skype.

      Also, you are not very clear about your own role in this. Export or international business? Do you understand the different roles in each of these and how it works?

      I would do some exploratory research. Get on the phone and ask this company what they already have in place to sell their products in your country, what their plans are for international business. And then take it from there.

      People often approach me to tell me they have a fantastic product and they are looking for international clients. Some actually say they would pay me a very small percentage for any sales without first checking whether the offer is appropriate.

      First you need to understand business in general, the work involved and the value of your business offer. Read these two articles – things are not quite so cut in stone as they used to be, but this usually helps people to get more focused and learn how to ask the right questions:

      - 7 Traditional Paths To International Business Development
      - 5 Traditional Marketing Steps To Become An International Business

      If you do not want to do the grunt work yourself and still want to invest in an international business, you will probably decide to set up some sort of an export business or trade representation. You need to research the different players in export business and approach the one to fit your needs. Have a look at and the international resources on the Small Business Administration website, as well as the resource link below.

      If you want to learn how to use cross-cultural and international web marketing to get international sales, check out my other website Get International Clients. This is an 8 step road map and an Action Guide.

      I do not offer export services – my core expertise lies in international marketing & sales – I know how to find the way to position products to enter new countries and different cultural markets.

      You can find more resources on Get International Clients to get you started on your research.

      And once you have decided what you are going to do, I can help you with the new market penetration strategy and initial marketing.

  • Jennifer Larson

    Hi Cindy, I just started following you on twitter, and look forward to hearing what you have to say about marketing. I just started my own business and have a brand new client. I’m eager to learn as much as there is to about all kinds of marketing, especially on the international level. The world is getting smaller and smaller…isn’t it? Can’t wait to learn from you.

    • Cindy

      Hello Jennifer,

      Glad to connect through Twitter.

      Yes, international business can be exciting. If you are ready for a process, have a look at the International Sales Road Map on my other website Get International Clients.

  • Jules

    Hi Cindy – I really like what you are doing with your website, these are important issues for companies to address that too often are not addressed. Keep it up!

    I see some opportunity for some joint work – I’m interested in how companies build the infrastructure to message cross-channel and your angle on cross-culture sounds an interesting mix- to me at least! For example are there different cultural approaches in the way that for example SMS is used. Should customer communications adopt a greater formality within one or another culture?

    • Cindy

      Thank you Jules!

      Email me at and let’s discuss further on the phone. Cindy

  • Nairobian Perspective

    this is quite a good web resource, im glad i stumbled upon this site!

    • Cindy

      Glad you like it! Please let me know of any other interesting international folks to follow on Twitter! …and any other international business resources too.

  • Dragos Roua

    Hey Cindy,

    Thanks for the mention as an “interesting” guy on twitter, I really appreciate it. I admire what you do with this cross-cultural communication blog, and after reading this post I also realized why you’ll be so successful in this field: it’s your passion. Passions don’t lie :-)

    • Cindy

      Hi Dragos,

      I have to work on finding a better word to describe everything you bring to us on Twitter – it is definitely much more than “interesting”. You actually amaze me by with the warmth you convey. Maybe that is part of YOUR passion that is easy to see :)

  • Carrie

    Hi Cindy,

    What a terrific list of resources! Some of these folks are already favorites and some are new to me. I’m really impressed with the quality of your content here and I look forward to delving in over the next few days. Thank you!

    • Cindy

      Hi Carrie,

      Glad you like the list :)

      Please remember to share the Twitter handles of anyone you think I should add. I’m particularly interested in people who tweet and share links on cross-cultural topics and things that could be helpful in a very broad way to international business and the skills you need to succeed internationally.

  • Bonnie Koenig

    Cindy -
    Thank you for sharing this list. Focusing on cross-cultural issues (primarily for NGOs) myself, these are the networks I am also looking for on social media. As others have noted, many of your list, I already know, some are new – a good combination. Look forward to getting to know you as well.

    Bonnie Koenig

  • Martin Lindeskog


    Thanks for including me as a “Social Media Networker”. If you want, you could add my LinkedIn profile: