Cross-Cultural Twitter Interviews


international people on twitterHere’s a list of the Cross-Cultural Twitter Interviews I carry out regularly. You can follow them with the hashtag #ckinterview.

Links To Cross-Cultural Interviews

  1. Matthew Bennett – @matthewbennett
  2. Steve Roesler – @steveroesler
  3. Deborah Swallow - @DeborahSwallow
  4. Caroline - @ohh_la_la
  5. Christian Hoeferle - @hoeferleconsult
  6. Donagh Kiernan - @dkiernan
  7. Klaus & Flavia Westerwelle - @transdomo
  8. Neil Urquhart - @culturematters
  9. Seshu - @PicSeshu
  10. Thierry De Baillon - @tdebaillon
  11. Bill Ward – @DR4WARD
  12. Silvia Cambié – @XCulture
  13. Jack Yan – @jackyan
  14. Chris Cotter – @CotterHUE
  15. Donna Jackson – @wisequeen
  16. Doreen Iannuzzi – @DoreenatDMS
  17. Lucy Chatburn – @pocketcultures
  18. Charmayne Paul – @psitutor
  19. Rossitza Ohridska-Olson – @culturalrealms
  20. Rajeev Edmonds – @mintblogger
  21. Martin Lindeskog – @lyceum
  22. Sean Oliver – @SeanJamesOliver
  23. David Comp – @DavidComp
  24. Cate Brubaker – @CateBrubaker
  25. Leo Salazar – @srleosalazar

10 Cross Cultural Questions

Here are the best responses to the 10 cross-cultural questions asked in the Cross-Cultural Twitter Interviews.

1 – “What Is Culture?”

2 – “What Is Culture… In One Word?”

3 – “What Is International Business?”

4 – Tips to Improve Cross-Cultural Skills

5 – Advice to Start an International Business

6 – Advice on Living Abroad

7 – Favorite Websites for International or Cross-Cultural Inspiration

8 – Cross-Cultural People to Follow on Twitter

9 - International people to follow on Twitter

10 - Who would you like to connect with on Twitter

  • 21 People To Connect With On Twitter – soon to be published

Who Do I Interview?

Cindy King recommends Cross-Cultural & International People On TwitterWould you like to be interviewed on Twitter? Is there someone you would like me to interview in particular?

First you need to get on my list of Cross-Cultural & International people I recommend on Twitter. These are people who:

  • Have a strong cross-cultural or international profile
  • Tweet regularly on cross-cultural or international topics
  • Blog on cross-cultural or international issues

I am currently only interviewing people on this list.  So if you know someones who should be included on this list, please DM me @CindyKing. I will connect with them on Twitter and check out whether I think others can improve their cross-cultural or international skills by reading their Twitter feed.

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