How Do Your Foreign Prospects Use Their Search Engines


That’s a great question. And one you should be aware of if your business has foreign online prospects.

The answer is not always easy to find.

If you are a small business targeting international clients actively, you should take this into account when analyzing your web analytics and testing for better conversion.

Different countries have search engines that look and feel different to the user. This is due to cultural differences.

In some countries relying on queries for leads just will not work. The reason can be a mixture of different buying habits, language structures or simply different cultural online preferences.

Sometimes paid and sponsored links will get you traffic where search engine queries fail.

How can you find out what the best internet marketing practices are in your target country? Asking the appropriate professionals in the foreign country is the best route.

These may be internet marketers or successful businesses in your field. If you are doing foreign market research and networking within your target country, remember to add this question to your list of questions.

Internet marketing can keep your international business development costs down and help you get international clients faster…if you actually do some good internet marketing.

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Cindy King