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Below you will find explicit how-to instructions to submit your website to several German search engines.

If you have a country that you would like included in this tutorial, leave a comment requesting your country, language or search engine of preference and it will be included.

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Submit Your Website To German Directories

is a search engine that allows you to register your site in one step.

Abacho was founded in Neuss, Germany in 1996 as a full-service advertising agency that merged with, and in March 2000 to form the new Internet search engine tool the company rapidly became an expert in the field of Internet search engine operations. Abacho’s search tool, the company’s trademark, is available to users both as a search-only function at and as an efficient tool integrated into Internet portals.

Abacho’s search engine tool is one of the top products on the German-speaking market and is also present in Austria, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey with country-specific Abacho versions.

Go to and on the site you will see a full page that includes the image shown below.

Register in Foreign Search Engine

Simply enter your full URL, if possible using a page that had previously been translated into German (Google Translate – English to German), and hit the URL anmelden (Register URL) button and your site is queued to be spidered and registered. The page does say that it can take up to four weeks for the spider to visit your site and that they exclude discriminatory, racist, sexist and adult sites.

As stated above, Abacho also has nine other sites that you can use, each identified by a country flag. On each country site there is a link just like the one have highlighted below, that allows you to add your URL to that country search engine.

Register in Foreign Search Engine

Below is a screen shot of the Turkish site. All of the country sites are essentially the same, and all have the ability to register your site.

Remember, it will only take Google about 15 seconds to translate one page into the available languages. It is probably worth the effort.


The second German site covered has two professional offerings and one free service. You are more than welcome to register using the paid services, contact me if you would like assistance properly using either of these services. The free Allesklar service is reached by clicking on the auswählen (select) link in the gratis (free) column, as seen below.
Register in Foreign Search Engine

Entering site Details

Entering your site here is a bit more complex than the previous site. In addition to your URL, you must include contact information. The first requirement is to enter a country and city. It is easy to leave Deutschland as the country, and you can use the name of any German city in the field showing Stadt in the image below. Tauberbischofsheimis the longest German city name that comes to mind, Aub the shortest. After entering these details hit the weiter (Continue) button.

Register For Foreign Search Engine

More Required Details

The next page requires a dozen bits of information. Use the city that you referenced in the last step and take special care on the address line. The highlighted box is your street address, a number must be supplied. Although this may seem strange, adding an address and a city does not mean you have to give a real address, you can use your home address and associate it with the City you choose.

This list is a translation of the long screen below. All information with a * is required:

German Phrase English Translation
Anrede Title
Vorname* First name
Nachname* Family name
Telefon* Telephone (any phone number will do)
Fax Fax
E-Mail* E-Mail
(Wird Ihr Benutzername.) (If your user name.)
Passwort* Password
Passwort-Wiederholung* repeat Password
Anschrift Address
Firma Company
Kontaktperson Contact person
Straße und Nr.* Street and Number (please note the highlighted number box)
Ort* City

More Required Details (part 2)

This image is the reference for the details listed above. Make sure you fill out all required lines PLUS the street number in the highlighted box. Once complete, click on the Registrieren (register) button and you will be 3 mouse clicks away from being done.

Register in Foreign Search Engine

Terms and Conditions of Service

After completing the fields on the page above and clicking the Registrieren (register) button you will come to your final page with something to complete. You are required to click the 2 boxes below to accept the terms and conditions of the service. Your last click will be to hit the bestellung senden (Send order) button after having checked the two boxes, and you will be sent to the completion page.

Register in Foreign Search Engine

Completed Registration

After that last click you will get a screen showing that die registrierung war erfolgreigh (The registration was successful) .

Register in Foreign Search Engine

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