October 8, 2018

Fascinating facts about different countries for the travelers

Many people travel to explore the world. It is the best form of the leisure. They love doing so. But sometimes when they reach their destination, it seemed totally different as they think of it. It then turns their excitement into disappointments. So before traveling to a place, it is must for travelers to know something about that place. So they can enjoy to the fullest.

Travel is a good way to relax. Apart from daily routine and tension, you feel good and fresh. It is good for your mental health as well.

Facts about different countries:


Travelers love to visit this place. As it is famous for sandy beaches and having a clear sky. But many travelers don’t know, resorts over here are one of best resorts in the world. Turkey is a very beautiful country with many historical places.


Saudi Arabia:

It is the only country which has no rivers. But this place is still worth visiting. Beautiful mosques and its architecture are famous. It is a place which shows, how much they have developed. You may find many big shopping malls over here.



The Falkland Island is also known as sheeple city. As on this island number of sheep are more than the people. Here you may find different kinds of sheep. Travelers visit to see them.



The Interesting thing about Russia is that its one district has a hotel that has 5000 rooms. One of the biggest hotel in Russia. This hotel has one of the best services. Best place for travelers to live in.



It is the nation who travels mostly on planes. There is always 60 percent of people always flying. They usually use this mode to travel from one place to another.



The interesting thing about this country is that you will not see any tractors over here. This country is totally urbanized. No farms are here, so there is no need of tractors. Totally developed country.



It is a country having most lakes than any other country. We see statistically almost 60 percent of lakes are found over here. Many people call Canada the lakes country. Travelers visit this country to see beautiful lakes and breathtaking scenery.



Not everyone knows that almost 99 percent of Libya is made of deserts. Castles of sand you may say that. A place that is worth visiting. It is becoming one of the most visited places by the travelers.




It is said that it is situated lower on the earth, and there are many chances that one-day sea will swallow this nation. Visit this place as it is so beautifully surrounded by trees. Don’t miss to see this place.


These are fascinating facts about some counties for the travelers. It is good to search for the places before they decide to visit certain places. You may consult a travel guide for further visiting purpose. Travel idea to visit these places will result in a good experience.


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