Cross-Culture Tweets – Week 22 of 2009


This week the Social Media Success Summit 2009 started.  It lasts for a month with weekly presentations and an active forum to discuss social media marketing with other participants and the panel of experts.  I am impressed by the interesting participant profiles there too.

So I decided to use this month to review my own social media marketing strategy.  And with the very first presentation by Gary Vaynerchuk, which was fantastic, I knew how I wanted to revamp my scheduled Tweet Plan. Gary also inspired me to immediately publish a Facebook page in addition to my Facebook profile.

Although Mari Smith‘s presentation on Facebook was excellent  I still need to spend time on the Facebook page to figure out how to set it up.  I do feel as if Facebook is set up like one of those video games where you have to hunt down hiddent keys to get one step after the other.  There is no logic to it.  Actually it also reminds me of computers 20 years ago. So it will take a little while to get the page looking good.

There are not many tweets below on the Success Summit, but if you want to follow along I suggest catching up on Twitter.  Use the #SMSS09 hashtag on any Twitter search tool and you can also follow it directly @SMSS09 on Twitter.  Many people are giving away useful tips from the Success Summit on Twitter.

Also below are quite a few Tweets on intercultural relationships and the more personal side of cross-cultural communication.  This is a topic I like to stay away from.  Because my interest in purely business-focused and these subjects attract people with heavy personal issues they like to vent. But I found some quality links this week that add insights for personal development useful in international business. Don’t miss the Useful Resource Pages in the right sidebar which is more color coded now. Some of these are filling up with fun and useful information and I will get around to highlighting them soon.

Do you have an interesting or useful link on international business, or of cultural interest? Tweet me a link.

  1. Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty & flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected – G.Soros
  2. Become a cultural detective
  3. Iran Blocks Facebook To Silence Presidential Rival – via @DoreenatDMS
  4. Search for homes for ‘Slumdog’ children picks up – via @DoreenatDMS @brandoneculture
  5. RT @StaceeAmos …every leading agency will need a multicultural practice area, not ethnic specific but multicultural via @brandoneculture
  6. RT @TravelwriticusA tram project in Edinburgh. I am surprised that trams are built new today – via @Starrybluesky
  7. Free online language courses
  8. Great brainstorming questions for a real international business opportunity – free for subscribers
  9. When was the last time you looked at websites from different countries?
  10. World map by URL country codes
  11. When all other means of communication fail, try words – unknown
  12. Sean D’Souza – International Success Through Total Commitment To Do What It Takes
  13. It’s Memorial Day in the US today
  14. Top Products for Multicultural Marketing – Can You Sell To The Ethnic Markets? – via @adsheik
  15. Web Economy Bullshit Generator – via Drayton Bird
  16. The world’s most difficult languages – good diagram to compare length of learning
  17. Ten Ways To Tweet The Social Media Success Summit #smss09
  18. Many Religions, One Community: Lessons from Islamic Spain for Today’s World – via @PublicAgenda @DoreenatDMS
  19. Business Blogs For Sales Conversion
  20. Where Social Media Marketing Is Headed with Forrester’s 5 eras of the social web
  21. Facebook Goes East: Takes $200 Million Investment from Russian Investment Firm - 70% of Facebook’s users outside US
  22. Why urban fantasies leave les rosbifs cold – via @CultureMatters (roast beefs are what the French call Brits)
  23. Callouts answer the question in your header – 1 out of 4 Tips to Boost Twitter First Impressions for White Papers
  24. Nearly 1 in 3 CEOs on Facebook (Deloitte Study) – with more info on businesses using social media – via @Mike_Stelzner
  25. Business Blogs To Open Foreign Markets
  26. RT @marismith “Monitor mentions of your company, site etc with alternative spellings.” @marketingprofs #smss09
  27. RT @denisewakeman @music4surgery On FB do a search for Static FBML app in searchbox at upper right – follow directions to add it #smss09
  28. Reviewing some of the best tips tweeted during last night’s social media success summit, before listening to the recordings #smss09
  29. RT @lesleymorgan @KarriannGraf @kickofftopic “Slideshare app is a MUST have on your Linkedin profile!!!!” @JasonAlba #smss09
  30. PressEurop – online multilingual news from Europe
  31. Learn the Art of Writing Less, & have a bigger impact with your words…. when attention is at a premium.
  32. What Religion is Your Child’s Doll? Welcome Jewish American Girl Doll
  33. Ron Takaki – father of US multicultural studies, author of Strangers from a Different Shore, passed away
  34. Do you think Australia is really The Best Place to Ride Out the Recession?
  35. YouTube video – Ralph Nader on International Trade, NAFTA, and the WTO – anyone got a video with a different point of view on this?
  36. Is empathy hard-wired or can it be learned? – via RT @MatthewBozada @familyanatomy
  37. @tomblue Cool! Glad to learn about RetweetRank – CKbiz got a PR4 during the last updated -  Top Sales Bloggers/Tweeps
  38. If you publish multicultural literature or write it, we’d like to promote you – RT @coloronline @ReneeAtShens
  39. An excellent guide to Local Search Ranking Factors for small businesses – recommended on @smallbiztrends
  40. If I Were Launching a New Small Biz Web Site Today – sample budget & 3 month strategy with both online & offline marketing
  41. Twitter FollowFriday – Luuk Christiaens
  42. Today is the first day of Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures 2009
  43. British tourist’s passport stolen by parrot in New Zealand - via @hypnotistchris @archetypo
  44. While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. ~ Henry C. Link
  45. Linkedin Groups for Freelancers to Network
  46. Fascinating internet predictions – 1969, 1981, 1995, and current - via @PetLvr
  47. Dean Foster in on Growing Global - an entertaining 12 minute video on doing business in different cultures
  48. 2009 Facebook Demographics and Statistics Report: 276% Growth in 35-54 Year Old Users – recommended read #smss09
  49. Speaking English, without understanding each other. Germans & Americans not able to reach deal on Opel via @HoeferleConsult
  50. Fun short video – Vendor Client relationship – puts you off of consulting -  RT @copyblogger @seandsouza
  51. The United Nations Development Business to find export opportunities worldwide
  52. Just had fun creating a star constellation that moves with Rule The Stars – it’s better than some other games
  53. The Culture Of Copying – insights into cultural changes on the our attitudes to this
  54. Getting a Taste of Iraqi Food & Culture - a story of soldiers from different cultures meeting up
  55. How young people are dealing with growing up in a recession – If at first you don’t succeed, tell the world about it
  56. International Web Marketing – Some Facts and Tips - to heighten your awareness of the international market
  57. Dare to Ask: Who is They? – read how this fits into intercultural communications
  58. @William_Reed – Love the way how you adapt cultural things into different context & this looks fun – Nanba Chaplin Step
  59. India Ranks Third In Surviving Economic Crisis: Servcorp Survey – behind Australia & China
  60. How cultures comes into Social Analysis in Macro Environments – third part of PEST analysis
  61. Cross-cultural Communications: Happy vs. Sour – with a thought provoking comparison to Improv practices
  62. Ethnic Events – a multicultural marketing portal
  63. Racialicious – a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture
  64. Most of us have hidden biases towards other cultures, read this, then test yours on the Harvard Project Implicit
  65. Great list of 101 Tools for Tolerance – simple ideas for promoting equity and diversity
  66. Culturosity - Link your life to local cultures, Succeed with culture know-how, Grow your global mind
  67. Gori Girl - a good blog on intercultural relationship stories and advice by a white girl with an Indian husband
  68. All About Race – a blog on race in America to share, discuss, argue, learn, teach, laugh and understand
  69. Interracial Marriage in the US: Some Simple South Asian Demographics
  70. 10 Ways To Attract More Orders – some of these got me to think hard, will come back to this later – via @Chaitanya
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