Cross-Culture Tweets – Week 12 of 2009


Tweets are based on my core Tweet Plan which includes:

  • 5 daily tweets on cross-cultural marketing for international sales
  • Other interesting links and retweets I run across during the week

The Cross Culture Communication Challenge Tips, with the #cccctips hashtag, are going strong. This is the first of 4 different monthly challenges to help improve cross-cultural communication skills.

The March challenge is focused on mindset. Short tips daily to help you focus on improving your international skills. You can find the tips here on this website or on Twitter with the #cccctips hashtag.

Following international and cultural events, news and general information helps to improve your international skills, capacity for empathy, and knowledge of different cultures.

Links to the previous weekly Tweet posts are below. Here is the selection of my best tweets and links from last week:

  1. International Marketing Review #43
  2. #cccctips 13 – Be patient with yourself and with others
  3. #cccctips 14 – Use a culture-customized lead generation strategy to bring in more international sales
  4. Time Travel – Love on the Fly: Volunteer Vacations with Cross Cultural Solutions & EarthWatch Institute
  5. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 15
  6. Country to language chart – a listing of countries & the languages spoken in them, ordered by precedence
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 16
  8. RT @TranstextuelCross-cultural quiz : have fun !
  9. RT @mintblogger – The StumbleUpon Toolbox: 40+ SU-related Scripts, Tools, and Tutorials
  10. RT @mintblogger @0boy – Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back
  11. RT @wisequeen @Clinton316 – Tip of the day: You cannot change the people around you….but you can change the people you choose to be around!
  12. For cat friends RT @joekutcheraCats that look like Hitler? = Kitlers and have their very own web site
  13. RT@kamiye – The Japanese are Master Marketers of trends: RT @HotelsnToursSushi Obama out in Japan… Check it out
  14. Great brainstorming questions to improve your cross- cultural sales skills – free for subscribers
  15. How are you customizing your web marketing for different cultures to get more international business?
  16. Different countries and cultures respond to different marketing and sales strategies
  17. Study Shows Indian Immigrants Embrace Dual Identity in U.S. This is interesting because dual identity is not easy
  18. How to Build Your International Marketing to Get International Clients
  19. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 17
  20. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all the Irish out there
  21. How do you think today’s globalization influences your international sales today?
  22. Just starting a business? Use the SME Toolkit
  23. What does your international market research strategy look like?
  24. Twittering for biz? Watch how this works now RT @Mike_Stelzner @steverubelABC to interview McCain via Twitter
  25. Must admit I’m like Paul Gitlin – love eating different things from different place – Live Globally, Snack Locally
  26. RT @Give2StudentsWanted: Cultural Books for Multicultural Students!
  27. – Another place to learn languages for free: English, French, German, Spanish Italian – in a playful & intuitive way
  28. review by Culturategic – an interculturalist’s views from Morocco
  29. The Mythology of Numbers – a few insights into the different cultural perceptions of certain numbers
  30. Expat Interviews With People Living In Countries Like Japan – Holland – China – Thailand And A Lot More
  31. Expat Finder search engine for expat-related websites
  32. Culture Crossing - A community built guide to cross-cultural etiquette & understanding
  33. InterNations – the Network for Expatriates and Global Minds! Basic forum membership is free
  34. RT @pocketcultures @theeconomistSpeaking in fewer tongues: A third of the world’s languages are at risk
  35. RT @pocketculturesSome of the best-performing bankers on the planet right now come from a place called Togo
  36. The Local – Swedish news in English
  37. The Moscow Times – Russian news in English
  38. International sales can provide a buffer to compensate unexpected losses in sales in your domestic markets
  39. #cccctips 15 – Refrain from voicing any negative reactions. Train yourself to ask questions instead.
  40. RT @TravelwriticusWatching Swiss train videos – Good to see the hairpin bends in order to go up in the first minutes
  41. RT @Hakicoma – 90+ Weird & Controversial Public Sculptures { from different countries too }
  42. #cccctips 16 – Cultivate respect. It is the balm for cross-cultural communication.
  43. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 18
  44. Calling all expats: @MissExpatria‘s photography project on modern-day reimaginings of the worldwide expat experience
  45. #cccctips 17 – Do not rely on cultural generalizations. They are only guidelines at best.
  46. The White Paper Solution – Utilizing White Papers to Generate Leads and Establish Industry Prominence
  47. What do you need to develop your business internationally?
  48. RT @DonnaAmos – They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel. – Carol Buchner
  49. RT Tourist complaint: “There was too much sand at the beach.” { This is the 1st complaint – go read the others @Amalari }
  50. @finikiotis – Excellent article for social competency across cultures – well worth the read! RT
  51. The Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets – Alvin Toffler
  52. What is your biggest problem with international marketing?
  53. Starting to develop your international business? Don’t forget to hone your cross- cultural skills at the same time.
  54. International blogs? Just added my blog to the VerveEarth map
  55. RT @SusanMazza @JuergenB @SueJ1Culturosity Excellent site of articles and resources on inter-cultural awareness
  56. RT @Jonathan_KantorWhite Paper: “What Is Your Recession Sales Strategy?” {6 good points for sales in this #whitepaper}
  57. RT @pocketculturesNigeria is the world’s most prolific filmmaker
  58. @surfsusan – I really liked Culturosity too – spent quite a bit of time looking around there – lots of interesting info
  59. Schedule more active listening time for international sales
  60. Funny short video – Russel Peters on international business – #RusselPeters, #business, #comedy (via @kennynorton)
  61. Another funny video by Russell Peters – this time about differences in Italian vs Indian hand language
  62. No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit – Andrew Carnegie
  63. Great list of books with insightful portrayals of cultures – Stranger in a Strange Land Book List from Culturosity
  64. The Big Mac Index – in case you missed it this year like I did  (again via @carstenschade)
  65. Going international? Tam Sam Som Market Evaluations – mostly misunderstood, but @carstenschade gives simple answers
  66. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 19
  67. How To Choose Movies To Watch And Improve Your Cross-Cultural Skills
  68. International marketing is culture-specific
  69. @tdot_daphnee The French love an opportunity to strike, seems to make them feel good, socially responsible etc. It’s part of the culture
  70. What are you doing to get international sales?
  71. Start your international business by selling one product to one country
  72. An interesting read on cross-cultural social media – 7 Questions About Social Networking Sites Targeting Latinos
  73. Get a cultural experience, volunteer abroad
  74. Want to be a millionaire? Have a look at this in Zimbabwe
  75. What kind of international marketing are you doing online?
  76. How to use Cross- Cultural Communication to Get International Clients
  77. It’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  78. In case anyone missed this – Prof. @beniers great SlideShare Presentation – Intercultural Negotiating Principles
  79. 15 Misconceptions About Multicultural Education – this goes over fundamental ccc issues too ( via @billhowe )
  80. Great short video on Extreme Sheep LED Art - Fun to watch & see what sheepherders can do
  81. How Your Twitter Bio Affects Who Follows You… Or Not – Fascinating, thanks @MariSmith @Mike_Stelzner
  82. 14 Twitter directories to find new friends (via @CNETNews & @MariSmith & @Mike_Stelzner)
  83. Big companies want to work with small firms! Do you know why? Check out this 2-minute video -  Thanks @jillkonrath
  84. Boston.Com has some amazing pics of the undersea volcano eruption near Tonga.  – Thanks @lighthousenews
  85. Last year there were 1,125 billionaires in world. Now 793 Collectively lost $1.4 trillion -Forbes Thanks @JeffWalker @chrisgarrett
  86. The Oshington Post – Kyrgyzstan’s first English language newspaper (NewEurasia) Thanks @pocketcultures
  87. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for… failure is not the falling down, but the staying down – M. Pickford
  88. Anyone else interested in meeting up with @seandsouza Psychotactics TweetUp in Paris: April 19, 2009. Tweet @seandsouza if you’re interested
  89. Great video on communication across generations – extremely POWERFUL!   Thanks @LanceScoular for sharing
  90. A must read: Trickle-up innovation – Emerging markets are reversing the process globally -  Thanks @DR4WARD !
  91. Trade Barriers Could Threaten Global Economy World Bank Finds Protectionist Trend-Washington Post -  via @DR4WARD
  92. Authors should do what publishers do: view books as a business. Questions to ask yourself – via @Rogercparker
  93. Are you interested in the stories behind the books? Let @Rogercparker know of authors you’d like to hear.

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