Cross-Culture Tweets – Week 10 of 2009


Following international and cultural events, news and general information helps to improve your international skills, capacity for empathy, and knowledge of different cultures.

In addition to the usual cross-cultural and international tweets and links, I started two new sets of Tweets:

  • WhitePaperGals group on how white papers can get you more sales
  • Cross Culture Communication Challenge Tips with the #cccctips hashtag.  I will do 4 different monthly challenges to help improve cross-cultural communication skills.  The March challenge is focused on mindset.  The challenge is simple: read the short tips daily and reflect on what this means to you.  You can find the tips here on this website or on Twitter with the #cccctips hashtag.

Links to the previous weekly Tweet posts are below.  Here is the selection of my best tweets and links from last week:

  1. Do you think you only need one international website for all of your international clients?
  2. International Marketing Review #41
  3. International web marketing is about building relationships across cultures
  4. Get Content Get Customers by Joe Pulizzi & Newt Barrett
  5. Brainstorming questions to improve trust with international clients - free for subscribers
  6. Success Story: Kogi Korean BBQ, a taco truck brought to you by Twitter – Where will this unique taco truck park next
  7. @WhitePaperGals Opportunity knocks… Even in an Economic Crisis
  8. @WhitePaperGals Apryl Parcher disagrees with the white paper industry greats – white papers are good for B2C
  9. The New Sales Funnel - includes sales conversion + advises to do fewer things excellently
  10. Anyone else use PowerTwitter? If so, what do you like and not like about it?
  11. Are you using multichannel marketing to get more international sales?
  12. Get to know your new international market before positioning your product in a different culture
  13. A great list of culture films
  14. Here is my list of resources – check out the SME Toolkit
  15. Do Biethnic or Biracial People Make Better Employees?
  16. What difference do you see in different marketing channels for different international markets?
  17. The March Cross Cultural Communication Challenge starts today – improve your cultural mindset this month, one quick tip each day #cccctips
  18. #cccctips 1 – Just starting to build your international business? Start honing your cross-cultural communication skills at the same time.
  19. March Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge
  20. Become a cultural detective
  21. SlideShare Presentation : Social Media Congress – “Blogging Business” by @chrisgarrett
  22. Work for the fun of it, and the money will arrive some day – Ronnie Milsap
  23. @WhitePaperGals We are a group of women #whitepaper writers. We met at the #WPSS09, had so much fun that we decided to launch a group blog
  24. #cccctips 2 – First step to improve your cross-cultural communication skills: learn to always ask questions
  25. Do you see a difference between the term “international business” and the term “global business”? If so, what is it?
  26. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 1
  27. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 2
  28. 2009 Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges - join the March challenge!
  29. RT @finikiotisWeighing in? Will “Brand America” will regain its shine? (Economist)
  30. Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty & flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected – G.Soros
  31. Global Or International Business?
  32. @WhitePaperGals – Some very interesting discussions going on about B2B white papers in the health market
  33. @WhitePaperGalsThe Fallacy of the B2C White Paper – @Jonathan_Kantor ‘s response to our blog
  34. @WhitePaperGalsWhite Papers and B2C…A Good Match? @Apryl_Parcher ‘s response to @Jonathan_Kantor
  35. Communication is depositing a part of yourself in another person
  36. Free online language courses
  37. Online Business Networking When Cultural Communication Styles Clash
  38. Is Social Media Changing International Business Networking?
  39. Consider country-specific sub-domains or sub-categories instead of top level domain names for each country
  40. The WiseMarketer
  41. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 3
  42. RT @Jonathan_Kantor – Subscribe to my new newsletter: Short Attention Marketing Tips
  43. RT @Mike_StelznerHow to relax your eyes (simple exercises)
  44. @WhitePaperGalsSmart Marketing Video Interview With David Meerman Scott with @Mike_Stelzner @dmscott
  45. @WhitePaperGalsFreelancing Pro Interview @Mike_Stelzner – #WhitePaper king
  46. Loved the read – Starved for “possibility”, it’s a wonderful thing. RT @finikiotis – Roger Cohen’s NYT opinion-editorial, One France Is Enough
  47. In Down Times, Hispanic Market Is Booming
  48. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 4
  49. Social Media Usage In Europe And Asia Pacific
  50. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 5
  51. Cross-Cultural Communication Challenge Tip 6
  52. Cultural Perceptions, Political Correctness & The New Racism
  53. Where is the best city to live worldwide? Mercer’s 2008 Quality of Living survey highlights
  54. #cccctips 3 – Increase your international sales: Add cross-cultural marketing tactics into yr international marketing
  55. #cccctips 4 – Cross-cultural marketing requires: Good marketing practices to adapt your marketing to different cultures
  56. #cccctips 5 – Plan your international marketing for cross-cultural success: Plan for flexibility
  57. #cccctips 6 – Do not wait for perfect timing to start your international business: Start with small steps
  58. Ethnic Events – a multicultural marketing portal
  59. African Americans’ Financial Beliefs Out-of-Sync with Actions

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Cindy King

  • Newt Barrett

    Thanks so much for the shout out for Get Content Get Customers.
    It really means a lot to get peer recognition.

    Newt Barretts last blog post..Twitter for Business Made Easy

    • Cindy

      Your welcome Newt,

      The case studies in Get Content Get Customers are valuable to all of us who use content marketing.