November 7, 2018

Comprehensive Report on Facebook Stories

Will the feature rule 2019 on Social Media?

As the stories feature is one of the best trending features for the last 5 years, Facebook adapting the feature along with its companies like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The stories has a great potential for the ads market. Brands and businesses are loving it because of the impact it has on the consumers all over the world. So Facebook has now launched a report that shows how much this story feature has done for advertisements and marketing. The report covers the users of age group from 18 to 51 years, 12 countries are involved and the use of all the apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are being used.

The report shows that the using the stories provides more connection opportunities to the users, as it broadens up the audience of the brands. All the users are connected with each other through these platforms. Stories play a vital role in influencing the users to buy the products and services which are being offered through ads in these stories. Brands have creatively made stories about themselves for their customers to know about them more. Due to these stories it has created a better interaction for the users. Users can easily view the latest deals and news about their favourite brands through the stories.

Public Stats about branding for Facebook & Instagram Followers

The report also shared some stats with the public that when the users view the brands’ stories fifty percent chances are that they will visit the brand’s official website to view the product and get more information about it.The reason brands are loving this feature is because the stories allows them to convey a simple and meaningful message to the consumers. The brands’ stories easily grab the attention of the users which influence them to view the products and the services from the official website. It is a good way to generate internet traffic towards the official website.

It is not just a good opportunity for the brands that are associated with the products or the services they are offering. These stories feature is going great for the event or festival advertisements. For example, it is easy to create an awareness by using the stories feature about any event. Due to the large number of users that Facebook family which is over the billion users, it is a good way to advertise any of your content. If you are an entrepreneur, it is also a good way to share your fresh business with the public from which it may help you to engage with the right people who can invest in your business or from whom you can learn regarding business activities.

Networking via FB & IG Stories

It is all about the network, social media platforms can be a place where you can interact with the right people for your business. You can engage the public through your business by using the stories feature from the social media platforms. So through the report it is made obvious that how much this feature has potential to increase the value of brands and businesses of any type.


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