July 27, 2019

Cindy King’s View on Medical Tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand industry has been growing worldwide. It involves regarding fifty countries all told continents and a number of other Asian countries are clearly within the lead. In Asia, medical tourism is highest in Republic of India, Singapore and Thailand. These 3 countries, that combined comprised regarding 90th of the medical touristy market share in Asia in 2008, 1 have endowed heavily in their health-care infrastructures to satisfy the increased demand for authorized medical aid through excellent facilities. Here is top five Medical in Thailand.

  1. Bumrungrad International Hospital

The hospital for Medical Tourism in Thailand is found within the heart of Bangkok and is one among Thailand’s most famed hospitals. It’s a 200-bed premier care center for specialty medicine and a number one supplier in medical tourism. Several expat retirees World Health Organization reside in Bangkok are huge fans of this hospital as they need doctors and nurses WHO are fluent in their communications with an English speaking crowd.

  1. Akesis Life Cancer Treatment Center

Akesis Life Cancer Treatment Center relies in Asoke, Bangkok. Integrative oncology is quick changing into recognised as a strategic thanks to treat cancer while not damaging different cells within the body. Dr. Thomas Lodi has various centers round the world mistreatment his strategies and Akesis Life in Bangkok is that the latest center and receives patients from all round the world.

  1. PhyathaiSriracha

Although it’s around ninety minutes’ drive from Bangkok, PhyathaiSriracha is one among the simplest hospitals in Thailand and includes a huge international department with bilingual Thai and English workers. several expats from everywhere Thailand favourPhyathaiSriracha for his or her medical treatment because of the wonderful international facilities, caring medical workers and affordable costs.

  1. BNH Hospital (Bangkok nursing home Hospital)

Located on Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok, BNH Hospital could be a trendy hospital that operates consequently to international standards. With the supply of over 100 beds, the hospital provides each inmate and outpatient treatment services and its physicians are older in various fields of medicine.

With a number of the newest and most sophisticated medical instrumentation in Thailand, BNH is ready to produce medical care to patients from over seventy countries. a number of their most celebrated medical divisions embody the Senior Care Clinic, Heart Centre, Dental Clinic, Check-Up Centre, BNH Shoulder, and Joint Centre and BNH Spine Centre.

  1. Bangkok Christian Hospital

Bangkok Christian Hospital was formally inaugurated in 1949 and is taken into account as a lower hospital when put next to different private hospitals in Thailand. Its medical fees are considerably lower and it’s popular with treatments referring to minor ailments. The hospitals have varied departments that cater to treatment in medicine, pulmonary, orthopaedics, cardiology, radiology, surgery, and ophthalmology. It’s branches outside of Bangkok, and since of its lower medical charges, whereas still operational by international treatment standards, it’s gained a big following from expat retirees.



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