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Comprehensive Report on Facebook Stories

Will the feature rule 2019 on Social Media? As the stories feature is one of the best trending features for the last 5 years, Facebook adapting the feature along with its companies like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The stories has a great potential for the ads market. Brands and businesses are loving it because of the impact it has on the consumers all over the world. So Facebook has now launched a report that shows how much this story feature has done for advertisements and marketing. The report covers the users of age group from 18 to 51 years, 12...

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5 compelling Reasons why do you look for Instagram followers

Millions of people are using the Photo sharing app Instagram to share the best moments of their daily life with their pals. It is also used for marketing all over the world as it is the best tool to market your brand over there. According to the survey, up to 90% brands out of 100 use this platform to promote their products. And your popularity is measured by how much you have followers on your Instagram accounts. Because the strong following base creates more chances that more people notice your online presence and follow you. Moreover, you also garner good...


Fascinating facts about different countries for the travelers

Many people travel to explore the world. It is the best form of the leisure. They love doing so. But sometimes when they reach their destination, it seemed totally different as they think of it. It then turns their excitement into disappointments. So before traveling to a place, it is must for travelers to know something about that place. So they can enjoy to the fullest. Travel is a good way to relax. Apart from daily routine and tension, you feel good and fresh. It is good for your mental health as well. Facts about different countries: Turkey: Travelers love...