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Why it is important to see floor plan before buying a property?

When you decide to borrow a property, first thing you see are the photographs of the property with good quality and the convincing description mentioned along. Then comes the floor plan which is the most important part to look while marketing a property. According to the recent research, properties marketed with the floor plan increased 30% more interest of buyers on the property as compared to those without a floor plan. This shows that floor plan is more likely to increase the chances of the property selling. In a research, it was found that the photographs of the property must...

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5 compelling Reasons why do you look for Instagram followers

Millions of people are using the Photo sharing app Instagram to share the best moments of their daily life with their pals. It is also used for marketing all over the world as it is the best tool to market your brand over there. According to the survey, up to 90% brands out of 100 use this platform to promote their products. And your popularity is measured by how much you have followers on your Instagram accounts. Because the strong following base creates more chances that more people notice your online presence and follow you. Moreover, you also garner good...

Amazon seller central

How to start Amazon seller central to start selling online

This articles might be very helpful to you if you are interested in selling online and if you are wondering how to start selling online with the help of Amazon selling central? So let’s get straight to the very first step which you have to take in order to start you online selling business and that is to select the product or product category in which you want to sell on Amazon. After that you have to go through the Amazon seller registration procedure and it is very easy for an individual to become a seller online on Amazon seller...


How Walmart is getting market leader in retail marketing

Walmart is a US based retail company dealing all across the globe at this point in time. It targets middle and lower middle class. Dealing successfully as departmental stores Walmart assures its customers that they will have hassle free, quickly responsive and pleasant experience of shopping. Walmart’s story starts from 1945 when Sam Walton who bought a franchise of Ben Franklin stores and started business with the win-win strategy of buying from low-cost suppliers and selling bulks to the consumer at lower prices. In the very first year his strategy paid off by rising up to 45% and the gain...