Best Small Business Tool For Building Trust In International Clients


What international business development tool is so powerful it calls your prospects and clients to action… and can demolish the biggest stumbling block of all in international business?

A Case Study

You see, telling a story is a very powerful communication tool. It speaks across cultures, across language levels. A case study is a story. The story of how one of your clients had a problem, how he chose your product as the solution, and the results he has had.

A case study often has more selling power to international prospects than any other promotional document because the case study tells the story of someone else resolving the same issue your client has.

If you have a success story with any foreign client it is a fantastic tool throughout all of your international markets and you should make a case study do describe that success. If the success story is with a client located in the country you are targeting it is even better. If you don’t have an international client case study but you do have local client case studies, don’t let that stop you. Your story will still have great pull because it still shows a problem and a solution.

The case study also has one enormous benefit often missed. In international business in a multicultural environment, the biggest barrier to your international sales is trust. The nature of a case study helps you get past the lack of trust and helps build your credibility. The Case study shows someone who has already succeeded because they trusted you.

This example alone should motivate small businesses to implement a systematic case study program. When you are at the moment of completing a sale, bring up the possibility of writing a case study with your client.

Don’t you already tell your client you are interested in hearing how he likes your product, and the results he gets? Well go one step further at the time of sale, tell him you have a case study program and would love to give his company the exposure if he is happy with your product. Make sure that you follow up at the appropriate time.

Think of creating a success story of each sales point on your products and services list, in each of your markets, by industry and by country. Just imagine the strength of your sales pitch if you have a case study for each client.

Your case studies will be of great use in your integrated marketing plan. It is the first of seven action incentive tools. How can the other six action-incentive tools help your international business?

How have you adapted your international business strategy to multicultural markets?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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Cindy King