Cultural Generalizations & Stereotypes

cross cultural communicationThe differences we notice in other cultures can leave strong impressions on us. And when we listen to common generalizations and stereotypes of different cultures it’s easy to get into the trap of accepting them as truths.

Unfortunately cultural generalizations and stereotypes can stop us from creating strong relationships with other people. And they can even stop us from fully developing our international business. This is a series of articles on cross-cultural generalizations and stereotypes and the effect they can have on the success of your international business.

Cultural Generalizations & Stereotypes

How Generalizations & Stereotypes Impact Cross-Cultural Communication

How To Avoid Cultural Generalizations

Now, It’s Your Turn

  • What cultural generalizations and stereotypes do you notice the most in international business?
  • What cross-cultural challenges have you encountered due to cultural generalizations?
  • Have you ever lost business due to cultural generalizations?

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