October 15, 2018

How to start Amazon seller central to start selling online

This articles might be very helpful to you if you are interested in selling online and if you are wondering how to start selling online with the help of Amazon selling central? So let’s get straight to the very first step which you have to take in order to start you online selling business and that is to select the product or product category in which you want to sell on Amazon.

After that you have to go through the Amazon seller registration procedure and it is very easy for an individual to become a seller online on Amazon seller central by just following the simple and easy steps that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. The final step after making the seller registration account is to list the products you want to sell online using Amazon as an intermediary.

First of all the individual who wants to avail the Amazon service of seller central he/she would have to go to the website of Amazon service (https://services.amazon.com). After reaching the desired webpage, now you have to keep scrolling down until reach to the heading “Start selling on Amazon today”. There are some limitation and subscription charges to get the professional seller account which you need to pay. Besides this, it has two option either you will go with an individual seller account by paying a sum of 40$ per month or by selling 40 units per month to waive off this liability of individual seller and become a professional seller.

You have to choose in the step that what type of seller-ship best suits you or suitable for you. In the next step of getting start with amazon seller central you must have to provide your personal email address and create the account. The next webpage will you to enter the personal information like name, email and password etc. After this step, (the user) you would have to enter the name of your legal business and agree to the terms and conditions of Amazon. If the user is listing as an individual seller, he/she will have to enter his/her own name instead of business. If the person is a professional seller, he/she will have to provide further information regarding the business and verify it by sending a text to the mobile number.

In the next step, Amazon will need your credit card details on file in case there is any advertising charge or you are registering as a professional seller. The bank account information is so they can deposit your funds once you make a sale. This is the final step for selling online on Amazon selling central service as an individual or a professional seller. After this whole procedure the user is all set to start selling and customizing his/her account with Amazon seller central (https://sellercentral.amazon.com).

By following these easy steps now you are good to start selling your offerings enjoying the benefits from Amazon seller central.


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