I’ve always had a deep-rooted interest in understanding other cultures that goes beyond simply seeing their differences. I really try to get into their minds, to see things as they do and understand the deeper “why.” This has led me to live and work abroad for most of my life.

This is my personal blog where I write about the soft people skills that are essential to understand other cultures better, make more international sales and improve your international business. I also share observations filtered through the cross-cultural lens I’ve acquired over 30 years of living in other cultures.

Please note: this personal blog is where I spend my free time; if you would like to connect with me about anything related to my work at Social Media Examiner, reach out to me there. Of course, the opinions here are my own.

A Passion for Developing International Business

Most of my work while living abroad has been in international business development, giving me numerous opportunities to develop my international skills.

Here are some pivotal experiences that forged who I am:

  • My first time living abroad, I almost lost myself in the new culture and had to pull back. This gave me insights into my personal boundaries.
  • I’ve picked up languages in nontraditional ways, including a working understanding of Italian by sharing an office with an Italian colleague who phoned her sisters every day.
  • I’ve been the sole minority working in an all-Muslim environment, an all-Catholic environment and an all-Jewish environment.
  • I’ve worked as an executive for Fortune 100 companies and startups.
  • I always seem to work where there’s lots of change: new technologies, new laws and new markets.
  • I’ve negotiated deals that brought in $10 million a year in sales for two different companies.