21 Definitions Of Culture In One Word


After looking at some great definitions of culture, here are some even shorter definitions. This time in one word only. These are answers from Cross-Cultural Twitter Interviews of the people I recommend you follow on Twitter for cross-cultural and international insights. These Twitter interviews are carried out in the spirit of having fun, so these one word definitions are not to be taken too seriously.

Of course, it’s difficult to come up with a definition of culture that resonates with everyone.  And it’s impossible to come up with a one word definition that appeals to everyone. This is part of the fun and depends on what you see in this one word.  But I do think this exercise helps us to see “culture” from different perspectives and broadens our understanding of how others perceive culture.

This is why I like combining several one word definitions and coming up with different associations to come up with a variety of different meanings.  This helps me to broaden my own understanding of culture.

One of the responses on Twitter was: Culture is Zappos.  Of course, this isn’t the best definition, but it certainly got me thinking.

21 Definitiions Of Culture… In One Word

  1. Culture is reflection - @matthewbennett
  2. Culture is a CODE - @deborahswallow
  3. Culture is Life - @ohh_la_la
  4. Culture is communication - @HoeferleConsult
  5. Culture is values - @dkiernan
  6. Culture is creativity - @transdomo
  7. Culture is relative - @culturematters
  8. Culture is infrastructure – @tdebaillon
  9. Culture is communication – @DR4Ward
  10. Culture is awareness – @XCulture
  11. Culture is us – @jackyan
  12. Culture is vital – @CotterHUE
  13. Culture is life – @DoreenatDMS
  14. Culture is identity – @pocketcultures
  15. Culture is language – @psitutor
  16. Culture is ethos – @culturalrealms
  17. Culture is strength – @mintblogger
  18. Culture is sense-of-life – @lyceum
  19. Culture is shared/learned – @SeanJamesOliver
  20. Culture is interesting – @DavidComp
  21. Culture is perspective – @CateBrubaker

What Is Your 1-Word Definition Of Culture?

Which definition do you like most?

  • Do you have a favorite?
  • Does one stand out and resonate with you?
  • Do you have another one to add?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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